We have been learning language about ko au which means me my self and I.
Something I have learnt to say is how old we are.
My next step is to say stepmother and foster parents.
                                 tipuna tupuna    tungane.


I am learning different Athletics skills

I learned to take off on one foot and land on two feet on long jump.

I achieved my goal because I came 3rd in long jump.

Next time I will try and come 1st in long jump by jumping off the last colour.


WALT: create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian ink

I learned what a mosaic is

Here is an example of my learning

Next time I will only put 1 colour in the back ground

My Mihi

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Maori

I learned how to say my mihi correctly.
My best sentence is Ko Kirsten toku mama and ko Chelsea toku ingoa.

I achieved my goal because I said my mihi properly.

Next time I will say my mihi with out looking.